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It starts with a

Shalom, I have a few questions about you video and do you know where I can get a new Testament?

Shalom! We’d love to help!
And here’s the link to order a New Testament:

“I saw your videos, and I want to learn to pray and walk in the way of Yeshua the Messiah…”
"Being in Ministry 20 years ago an organization like yours could not have been imagined, certainly not such a series. Praying God will give and multiply the disciples and baptized. Beautiful!"- Israeli Pastor
"God bless you for every video you’ve made. I have watched every one of your videos over 20 times already!
Thank you very much ♥"
Our online outreach videos are viewed over

30,000 times a day in ISRAEL alone!

we are chatting daily with seekers on Facebook and What’sApp. Discipleship is crucial to all the work we’re doing, and we’ve developed a multi-faceted approach to discipleship uniquely crafted for ministry in Israel.

Personal Connection.

Our goal is to personally engage with each new believer who reaches out to us. Our team meets with Israelis every day on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to answer questions, gift them with a New Testament, and connect them to a congregation in their region. Our team is answering questions directly to seekers online in our Hebrew and Arabic outreach campaigns. We’re meeting face to face and connecting new believers with local pastors and ministers in their area. But many are unable or afraid to take that step into the local congregation and personal meetings. And that’s why our next step is so crucial.

View our 28-part Hebrew Discipleship Series with English Subtitles

Online Discipleship is Critical.

For many in Israel, meeting face to face to discuss their new faith feels impossible. Most are confused with questions and afraid others will find out.

VIEW our 16-part Online Discipleship Series, Follow Messiah, for English Speakers

Obstacles Israelis Face

Many from ultra-Orthodox and Muslim backgrounds face real danger in coming out as a believer and hide their faith for years.
Social Fears
Many Israelis fear being cut off from family and friends.
Am I converting to a new religion? Am I joining the enemy of my people?
No Nearby Church or Messianic Congregation
Restricted Transportation Options
on the Sabbath (Friday evening to Saturday evening), Israel’s day off.

Our online discipleship series overcomes these obstacles, providing a secure lifeline to explore who Yeshua is and what it means to follow Him.

Many don’t understand the importance of being connected in the community of faith and our online series and resources help provide a lifeline of information and spiritual growth to the new believers of Israel. Also as we’re reaching Millions with the Gospel, the online Discipleship helps us bridge the gap from outreach into spiritual growth and engage these online seekers and new believers in a deeper way, with the ultimate goal of being planted in a local congregation.

Same Gospel, Different Background

Paul made clear in 1 Corinthians 9 that the Gospel is the same, but the approach on how he taught his Jewish brothers was drastically different than how he taught and related the scriptures to the Gentile church. It’s no different today. Our series of teachings goes deep into the questions many of us faced in our walk of faith and connects with the Jewish and Israeli society in a powerful way. We offer 2 courses for free online, “The Teachings of the New Testament” in Hebrew and “Follow Messiah” in English.

Partner with us to train Israelis for
a life of Discipleship


At a local meeting of pastors one of our friends approached us and said we effectively have the largest congregation in Israel! He was referring to our Messianic Group on Facebook, currently over 2,500 messianic believer from all over Israel. This private group is a safe space for believers to lift each other up and encourage others with new insights and news. And our Hebrew Discipleship Series continues to provoke amazing conversations within our groups, including positive reviews from pastors across Israel.
"The truth is finally revealed to us! I follow every video of yours, and I have changed my ways after reading and researching the Bible for myself. Thank you!"
"One of your videos has been really helpful to me. Through it, you've reminded me what I have and to focus on giving thanks (to God) rather than complaining. Keep going strong!"
"One of your videos has been really helpful to me. Through it, you've reminded me what I have and to focus on giving thanks (to God) rather than complaining. Keep going strong!"

Did you know?

In any Israeli bookstore, you can find a Quran, the Buddhist Tripitaka
and books about almost any religion you can imagine,

but you won’t find the New Testament.

ONE FOR ISRAEL provides thousands of Hebrew New Testaments to Israelis for free in print,  on their phones through our Hebrew Bible app, and online with our bible website – making the truth of Yeshua and His Word accessible in the Holy Land once again.

“I ordered the New Testament! Waiting for it to come, thirsty to know more! Thank you very much.” – Orit
“I open the Bible every day (the Old Testament when I’m around others, but I dig in the New Testament non-stop when I am alone) and it is so good…” - Yosef

Reaching the Next Generation

Young Adult Ministry
Arab and Jewish Israelis worshiping Yeshua as ONE!
Arab and Jewish Israelis worshiping Yeshua as ONE!
We intentionally create community with our campus rooftop nights of worship and teaching. Hundreds of young Israelis join us and many invite their friends as seekers, to come and enjoy the presence of the Lord and discover what the Body of Messiah is all about.

These Worship and teaching nights unite friendships and connect believers from all over Israel and provide a place of refreshment and encouragement for their walk with God.

IDF Discipleship & Mentorship Ministry

“Winning the Spirtual Battle, for Young Israelis”

Following high school, most Israeli teenagers enter service in the Israel Defense Force (IDF). This is an extremely challenging time, especially for soldiers who follow Jesus. Our IDF ministry connects these young believers with daily devotionals sent directly to their phones, powerful teaching videos to encourage them, and conferences specifically designed to strengthen and equip them to be a light and grow in their relationship with God during their army service. Learn more about this powerful ministry in the link below.

It’s not just how you find Jesus. It’s how you learn to walk with Him.

That’s why we produce online discipleship programs to meet Israelis where they’re at, personally engage with new believers, and connect them with local congregations.
It’s why we provide free New Testaments, put on community-building young adult events, and train our soldiers to follow Jesus.

And it’s why we invite you to partner with us in this important work.
In the place where Peter, James and John walked, a new generation of disciples is rising. Will we see new Peters in our era? 

Whose life will you impact with your gift today?

“Jesus said to the Jews who had believed Him,
‘If you abide in My word, then you are truly My disciples.’”

– John 8:31


How Can I Help?


Pray for our discipleship team as they produce content and personally engage with new believers. Pray that they each would continue to grow in their walk with the Lord as they teach others how to follow Him. Pray for the new believers we are reaching, that they would grow strong in the faith.


Proclaim how the Lord is working in Israel and share with others how they can support new believers through our discipleship ministry.



Partner with our work on a monthly or other recurring basis to help us budget and expand our outreach capacity.

ONE FOR ISRAEL is based in Central Israel with a US NonProfit office 501c3 EIN: 61-1901718