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PASTORS FOR ISRAEL | Pastor David Seabrooke

Pastor Seabrooke shares some deep thoughts about the nation of Israel in God's plan. If you agree that God hasn't finished with Israel, please SHARE...


Wondrous Times at the Sea of Galilee

Israelis living beside the Sea of Galilee have been amazed at the rising water levels, buoyed up by the plentiful rain this winter. In...

Royals, Leaders, and Dignitaries Gather in Jerusalem 75 Years After Auschwitz

Global leaders, including His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, have come to Jerusalem for the World Holocaust Forum. This year it is notably 75 years...

Jonathan Cahn's Journey to Christ!

After Jewish Jonathan Cahn has a life-changing revelation about Jesus, he makes a deal with God... and almost dies! Hear his story of how he transformed from an Atheist Jew to a Messianic Jewish Rabbi.